Compliance Register Consulting

Welcome to Compliance Register Consulting Limited (“CRC”). Launched in 2016, we are the proud sister company of The Compliance Register Limited and Financial Services Compliance Limited both of which date back to 1995.

CRC is the London-based hub for top quality services including technology solutions. CRC combines the vitality of youth with the wisdom that comes from many years of experience in the financial services industry in delivering the best possible service to our clients. We strive for efficiency, smart thinking, top quality, value for money and going the extra mile for our clients. We can help design solutions which incorporate the latest technology (both fintech and regtech) provided by ourselves and/or our strategic partners.

We provide expert advice and help in overcoming governance, risk and compliance challenges. We can deal with major regulatory issues ranging from sm&cr, conduct risk, financial crime (including fraud, AML, ABC, sanctions, insider dealing and market abuse), insurance claims and investigations, Solvency 2, MiFID, FCA/PRA Authorisations, FCA/PRA Investigations including section 166 proceedings and expert witness services for litigation, arbitration and Upper Tribunal cases.

Whatever the circumstances, CRC’s mission is to assist clients in achieving the best possible outcome. We approach our work with panache, imagination and an open mind. We strive to live up to our motto Aequam Servare Mentem which translates as “Keeping a clear open mind.” From a clear open mind comes clear vision and foresight – a prerequisite for good expert advice.



Ben Goh, Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO is Ben Goh who is Chairman of The Compliance Register and Managing Director of Financial Services Compliance. He has been involved with compliance since 1987 with the implementation of the regulatory regime established by the Financial Services Act 1986.

Business Development Directors

We have a number of Business Development Directors who lead a young and vibrant team to deliver exemplary service to our clients.


We have a team of Customer Support Officers dedicated to help our customers choose the right solutions.  A separate Implementation Team provides support in implementing the products of our strategic partners.


CRC is a meritocracy where office politics will not play a leading or decisive role in personal advancement. What counts is actual performance based on high standards of integrity and professionalism. Staff will be rewarded based on their performance with equal opportunity to realise their full potential.

Leaders must provide strong and wise leadership creating an environment that is conducive for fertile minds to develop smart solutions.


Through its policy of meritocracy, CRC aims to forge a more estimable society, a progressive society in which the finer values of the human spirit may blossom. With our success, let us build a company which can be the cynosure of all eyes and a modest beacon of hope for all humanity.


Help is only a phone call away.

Please contact our CEO in the first instance. Contact details are below:-

Ben Goh: +44 7954 104534 or +44 1908 322450.