Financial Regulatory Technologies

Welcome to FRT, the specialist FinTech (financial technologies) and RegTech (regulatory technologies) division of The Compliance Register.

Our motto is to help in the development of new apps or the enhancement of existing apps for the financial services industry. In short, to continually push back the frontiers of what technology can do to benefit the financial services industry. We can act as incubator, mentor, facilitator, disruptor, consultant, etc. in the development and deployment of new apps. We openly welcome new ideas and will be pleased to play our role in encouraging innovation and enterprise.

FRT combines the vitality of youth with the wisdom that comes from many years of industry experience in delivering the best possible service.

We are focussed on delivering regulatory compliance solutions with panache, imagination and “out of the box” thinking. It is sheer folly to think inside the box while you are alive. After all, when you are dead, you will have all the time do so!

Quality and Professionalism are key values that we take pride in. We are committed to go the extra mile for the good of our industry.

In life, we all have choices. We can either Live Long and Prosper or we can Live Long and Suffer. It is not rocket science which is the logical choice.

Make the right choice today. Whatever your FinTech or RegTech requirements, we will be pleased to hear from you.


Our COO is Ben Goh who has been involved with compliance and regulatory matters in the financial services industry since 1987.

He can be contacted on +44 7506811136 or his Secretary +44 7481092673.